Rite-Way Residential Services

Rite-Way Roofing is equipped with two big rig vertical lift trucks that allow us to complete single story and two-story re-roof jobs quickly and efficiently.

  •  We hand place new materials on the roofs to ensure the structural integrity of the roof is always maintained.
  •  We load old roofing materials directly into the bin which protects your yard and landscaping.
  •  We provide a safer work environment for our workers as the lift trucks provide a large moveable platform to work from.
  •  The lift truck moves many tons of material up to the roof which keeps the workers physically able to do a better job.
  •  We are able to complete our work much more efficiently, it is common that we will complete your roof in one day.
  •  We have long experience in all aspects of re-roofing, installation, repair and maintenance.
  •  We we are glad to serve you in large and small jobs.